Pets in pumpkin costumes who hate themselves

By Amy Jamieson
Updated October 25, 2016 03:17 PM
Credit: Source: Lazy Love Bird/Instagram


That’s what animals across the globe are plotting right now as pumpkin costumes head their way, in the general direction of their heads.

A brave and adorable few failed to outsmart their humans and ended up in our Instagram feeds.

Orange you glad we brought them all together?

I do not consider myself a part of this trio.

Contemplating life before pumpkin-hood.

This jack-o-lantern is all jacked up (on catnip?).

You can’t ferret out of this one, buddy.

He can’t even look at you.

Were they all out of a size large?

He hopes you’re proud of yourself.

Is my ginger fur not enough?

He blames Velcro.

Can’t. Move.

There’s nothing great about any pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

She’s a pumpkin head-case.

Evil eye or loving look? You decide.

You just had to add the ponytail, didn’t you?

Corgis have it ruff this time of year.

He’s a member of the Pumpkin Liberation Army.

What? I can’t hear you.

Just carving out a little perch for her hatred.

Pumpkin spice, not nice.

Nothing gourd-eous about this.