17-Year-Old 'Hero' Pup Alerts Texas Couple to House Fire

Bebe "barked real harsh and loud" said Todd Mills, who survived Sunday's house fire that destroyed his home

She may be a ripe 17 years old and blind in one eye, but Bebe is every bit the hero.

Todd and Debbie Mills told Texas’s KWTX news, who reported the story, that “if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be here talking to you,” after the pup’s barks woke them during a house fire on Sunday.

The couple was asleep when the fire started in the kitchen of their home and smoke detectors failed to go off.

“This dog, Bebe, barked real harsh and loud, and I knew something was wrong,” Todd Mills told the station. Added Debbie: “The way that fire was moving, it was moving really fast. It was going straight for the bedroom.”

The Mills exited the burning home and in all the chaos realized that Bebe was inside, so they asked firefighters to try and save the miniature Chihuahua. KWTX said 20 minutes later a firefighter walked out of the house with the brave pooch in tow.

“She’s our hero,” Todd said. “We lost everything, that can be replaced, but lives can’t. Even that dog, that’s our family.”

With their home now uninhabitable, the town has rallied around the Mills family to help them get back on their feet.

“We want to thank everyone who has helped us,” Debbie told KWTX. “Everyone in Mart has been tremendous.”

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