The orange tabby named Taffy suffered burns all over his body, but is expected to recover

By Amy Jamieson
Updated October 21, 2016 03:08 PM

An elderly cat from Port Clinton, Ohio, is lucky to be alive after he was blown out of a window when a neighbor’s home exploded last week. The accident, which was caused by a gas leak, affected homes up to one mile away from the area.

According to 13 ABC Action News, which reported the story, the 17-year-old orange tabby named Taffy suffered burns all over his body, including third-degree burns on his paw pads.

“He had a lot of char on his fur, we were hearing fluid in his lungs which we would associate basically with inhalation of smoke and damage to his lungs from that,” said veterinarian Alexander Deroziere, who is treating Taffy.

The vet told the station that the cat — who is sporting “superficial” scrapes over his eyes in the clip above — should heal without complication. To help the feline’s family with continuing medical costs, call the Harborview Animal Hospital at 419-734-5493 for more information.

Taffy appears to have taken the shocking event on the chin, however.

“He’s one of the sweetest cats we’ve had come in here,” a staffer told the station. “He just deals with it.”