Playful, energetic and impossibly adorable, these sixteen puppies are the only way to cope with post-holiday Mondays

By Maria Yagoda
July 06, 2015 05:25 PM

Three litters. Sixteen Basenji puppies. One hit Michael Jackson song. An unknowable, unbearable amount of cuteness.

Maybe you didn’t know that your sole dream in life was to frolic with 16 playful Basenji puppies to the tune of “The Way You Make Me Feel,” but after watching this YouTube video uploaded in February, you’ll realize that’s actually all you’ve ever wanted all you’ve ever needed.

Hailing from three different litters, these 16 pups run down snowy paths, play with toddlers, crawl on toddlers, take naps and cause a whole lot of harmless, highly photogenic trouble.

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The adorable video will undoubtedly cure you of Post-Holiday-Weekend Sadness. The next step is to just adopt 16 Basenji puppies.