Too Fat to Fetch: 146-Lb. Dog Loses 60 Lbs. and Finds His Sense of Adventure

Shiloh's new owner admits that while the pup has slimmed down, he still tries (and sometimes succeeds) to sneak snacks

Shiloh used to be super-sized.

According to SWNS, back in October 2016, the chocolate Lab weighed 146 lbs. — twice the average weight for his breed. The pooch packed on all these extra pounds by routinely scarfing down the large meals offered to him by his previous owners.

Too fat to play fetch or go for short walks, something needed to be done.

Shiloh’s weight-loss journey started close to a year ago, when Heidi Fiore of Nahant, Massachusetts, spotted a photo of the chunky canine along with a plea for help on Facebook.


Fiore, 42, immediately decided to take the dog in, bringing him home to her husband and three kids, and went to work slimming him down.

The first thing the animal-loving librarian did was cut Shiloh’s food intake down to two well-portioned, healthy meals a day. Then, she started working on his walks.


At first, Shiloh, like many of us, was resistant to the idea of exercise, plopping down mid-stroll and refusing to move for 30 minutes. But, after enough loving persistance from the Fiore family, Shiloh started moving more and enjoying his new food regimen.


“He lost 8 lbs. in the first two weeks,” Fiore told SWNS.

Fast forward a year, and Shiloh is now down to 86 lbs. and is walking up to two miles a day. While old dogs can learn new tricks, they often don’t forget the old ones. Fiore admits that 8-year-old Shiloh still tries to sneak extra snacks from the trash can and fridge, and has been caught eating a whole plate of cookies accidentally left out by a neighbor.


But, most importantly, he is getting stronger and healthier every day.

“It has been really amazing to watch him have more energy and just be a normal Labrador,” Fiore said. “When we first saw him I thought he looked like a bear or a pig. He was enormous but he was so excited to see us — his tail was wagging.”


The next step for Shiloh after getting down to his goal weight could be plastic surgery. While the pooch has dropped some serious pounds, the weight-loss has left behind saggy skin that can get in the dog’s way.


For right now, the Fiores are focusing on making sure Shiloh stays happy and healthy.

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“The transformation is amazing.” Fiore said.

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