14 Shelter Dogs That Will Love You Forever

It's Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog month! Meet some adorable canines that need a place to call home

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Courtesy Louisiana SPCA

Age: 2 months
About Me: The adorable pit bull mix will keep you moving on energy-packed walks, but when they’re over, the incredibly sweet pup will shower you with kisses.
Contact: Louisiana SPCA at (504)368-5191.

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Courtesy Lakeland Animal Shelter

Age: 4
About Me: The red and white Siberian Husky has been waiting more than a year for his perfect match: an owner with a passion for running who is willing to keep up with his training, too.
Contact: Wisconsin’s Lakeland Animal Shelter at (262) 723-1000 or email adopt@lakelandanimalshelter.org.

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Courtesy Heart of Minnesota Animal Shelter

Age: 5
About Me: The Australian shepherd/collie mix was found tied to a church door. Despite what happened to him, the dignified-looking pooch is affectionate and playful.
Contact: Heart of Minnesota Animal Shelter at (320) 234-9699.

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Courtesy Humane Society of Northwest Montana

Age: 7
About Me: Given up by his owners in 2007, this very obedient bullmastiff/boxer mix would love to be a part of a family again.
Contact: Humane Society of Northwest Montana at (406) 752-PAWS.

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Courtesy Central Dakota Humane Society

Age: 2
About Me: Recently abandoned with her six puppies, who’ve since been adopted, the nurturing pup is ready for her own forever home.
Contact: Central Dakota Humane Society at (701) 667-2020.

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Courtesy Arickx Photography

Age: 10 months
About Me: Rescued in August from a basement where she received very little human interaction, this pit bull has already shown her resilience and ability to move on from her sad past.
Contact: Humane Society of North Iowa at (641) 423-6241.

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Kanawha/Charleston Humane Association

Age: 8 months
About Me: The playful hound mix just wants to be outside! He needs lots of exercise and would be the perfect pal for an avid outdoorsman.
Contact: West Virginia’s Kanawha/Charleston Humane Association at (304) 342-1576.

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Courtesy Montgomery County Humane Society

Age: 9 months
About Me: The spirited pit bull mix, who loves people and other dogs, learns well with positive, reward-based training – are you her next master?
Contact: Maryland’s Montgomery County Humane Society at (240) 773-5960.

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Courtesy Prairie Paws Animal Shelter

Age: 18 months
About Me: The Boston terrier/Shih tzu mix’s previous owners were using her for breeding, but gave her up when they could no longer afford to care for her.
Contact: Kansas’s Prairie Paws Animal Shelter at (785) 242-2967.

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Courtesy Mark Lovretin

Age: 4
About Me: This exquisitely marked pit bull mix is mature enough to have good manners but still young (and silly!) at heart.
Contact: New Jersey’s St Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center at (973) 377-7094.

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Courtesy PAWS Shelter and Humane Society

Age: 2
About Me: This pit bull/Boston terrier mix is a little shy at first, but once she trusts you she’s unfailingly affectionate. Bonus: She likes to play dress-up!
Contact: Texas’s PAWS Shelter and Humane Society at (512) 268-0557.

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Courtesy Canyon County Animal Shelter

Age: 1
About Me: This roly-poly pug/Lab mix is so soft he’d make the perfect pillow – with just a little training he’d make the perfect companion, too.
Contact: Idaho’s Canyon County Animal Shelter at (208) 455-5920.

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Courtesy Eastern Kentucky Animal Rescue

Age: 2
About Me: Saved from death row by the Eastern Kentucky Animal Rescue, the sweet boxer/Dalmatian mix is grateful for a second chance. She loves attention: Pop her in front of a camera and she’ll pose!
Contact: Eastern Kentucky Animal Rescue at (606)297-5750.

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Courtesy Animal Rescue League of Southern Rhode Island

Age: 2
About Me: Given up by his owners in June, the bulldog/Lab mix longs to be with people, especially children. Unfortunately, he doesn’t like other animals.
Contact: Animal Rescue League of Southern Rhode Island at (401) 783-7606.

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