13 Instagram Famous Black Cats that Prove All Kitties Are Beautiful

These cuties prove black cats photograph and pose just as well as any other feline

Scotch Cat and kittensCredit: Courtesy Chelsea Hyatt

It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day, an important moment to remember that these felines can bring a lot of good luck and love into your home.

Due to centuries of superstitions and unfounded prejudice, black cats are often associated with bad omens, not the positive fluffy feelings that are usually associated with cute kitties. For years, shelters have been fighting this stigma in order to find black cats, who are often passed over for adoption, forever homes.

Unfortunately, in this age of Millennials and Snapchat stories, black cats are facing a new issue. They are starting to be overlooked by potential adopters because some believe dark fur won’t photograph well. The main reason for getting a cat should never be how many likes it could garner on Instagram, but even putting that aside, black cats make beautiful models.

To prove just how great these kitties look on social feeds, we found 13 black cats on Instagram that are natural beauties with major followings. Take a look at these meow-dels and think about adopting your own best friend and future Instagram model on Black Cat Appreciation Day.

Spotticus Maximus

Followers: 17.3K



Followers: 210K

Lipsy and Pu

Followers: 1.5K

Mr. Panther Pants

Followers: 1.1K

Black Cat Mafia

Followers: 1.7K


Followers: 33K

Blade and Nitro Blake

Followers: 12.2K

Sophie the Model

Followers: 197K

Millie the Adventure Cat

Followers: 42.3K

Mamba the Original Vampire Cat

Followers: 37.9K


Followers: 32.2K

Princess Monster Truck

Followers: 280K

1 Room 1 Cat

Followers: 272K

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