May 20, 2015 08:20 PM

We’ve teamed up with one of our favorite sites, BarkPost, to bring you and your four-legged friends even more adorable pet videos, photos and must-see stories. Check back every week for new furry fun from BarkPost!

Do you have a song that plays in your head when you walk in the room? Just me? Anyway, if these dogs walked around with a soundtrack blaring, these would be the jams. What about your pup?

1. Greyhound: Bruce Springsteen – ‘Born to Run’

“I want to know if love is wild.

2. Poodle: Plastic Bertrand – ‘Ca Plane Pour Moi’

3. Pomeranian: Kelis – ‘Bossy’

See above for instructions.

4. English bulldog: The Beatles – ‘I’m Only Sleeping’

They’re English. And they’re sleepy.

5. Chihuahua: Notorious B.I.G. – ‘Big Poppa’

“However livin’ better now, Poochi sweater now …”

6. Shiba Inu: David Bowie – ‘Rebel Rebel’

“Your face is a mess,” the Shiba said to the human.”

Want more fun from BarkPost?

7. Corgi: Destiny’s Child – ‘Bootylicious’

Everyone knows that Corgis have the booty game on lock.

8. Golden retriever: America – ‘Sister Golden Hair’

“I tried to live without you.”

9. Dachshund: White Stripes – ‘7 Nation Army’

A seven nation army of the hounds of hell couldn’t hold a determined Doxie back from what they want!

10. Pit bull: Bob Marley – ‘Could You Be Loved’

The answer is “yes.”

11. Husky: Lana Del Rey – ‘Summertime Sadness’

Nobody’s more morose than a husky in the heat.

12. Jack Russell terrier: DJ Snake & Lil Jon – ‘Turn Down For What’

The JRT will turn down for absolutely nothing.

13. Rescue dogs: Fontella Bass – ‘Rescue Me’

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