Aaron Aldrich/Getty
May 19, 2017 05:58 PM

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!

It’s finally here again: THE WEEKEND. After toiling through Monday and all its boring weekday friends, you are here. At the start of the work week you always doubt Friday will come, but Friday never fails.

Now, you have a whole swath of free time ahead of you to do literally whatever you want. That is exciting. Sleeping, snacking, hiking, exploring, brunching, it’s all available to you.

That wonderful feeling you have right now is palpable — even pets can pick up on it. We found 11 pets that are just excited for the weekend as you are, even though they don’t have day jobs to slog through.

It’s a good feeling knowing you can say goodbye to your desk for a few days because it’s the weekend

This squad is just as excited to get some time in the sun

Others don’t even have plans yet, they are just happy to be here

For some, food is the first thing that comes to mind

Speaking of food, these dogs already have their brunch faces on

This cat is going to enjoy being a party of one all weekend …

… while other felines are going to straight to the clubs …

… or maybe a more low-key party

There’s not time to use your legs when there is so much to do

Just remember to have a good time

Because you’ve earned it

Happy weekend, everyone!


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