Amy Jamieson
December 22, 2016 05:28 AM

An animal rescue in Grass Valley, California, has asked for help — “with a capital H” — after an influx of over 70 cats to its facility. The cats are part of a crew of 100 felines that were rescued from an elderly couple’s trailer, FOX 40 News reports.

“At first we thought it was 60, we said it’s probably 30, it turns out to be 100,” Sammie’s Friends staff member Evan Walsh told the station.

“I’ve never vaccinated that many … I did 91 in one day,” staff member Alex Maloney said.

An Instagram post from Sammie’s Friends shared earlier this week said that the staff was “overwhelmed” by all the felines, and asked for potential adopters or fosters to come to the facility to meet the cats.

“HELP with a capital “H,” the post said. “This afternoon at 5 pm Sammie’s Friends received over 70 cats. We already had 84! This is a crisis.”

If there’s a silver lining here, it’s that the felines are relatively healthy, FOX 40 said. “It’s pretty unusual that they’re all healthy and friendly and pretty … that’ll make them easy to adopt,” said the rescue’s founder Cheryl Wicks.

To help care for the cats, visit the rescue’s website.

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