Paige Robison wanted to raise $1,000 for local shelters, and she more than doubled that amount

By Drew Mackie
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It’s rare to find a child whose birthday wish is to give to others, but one 10-year-old girl in Weatherford, Oklahoma, has made acts of charity an annual tradition.

For her 10th birthday, Paige Robison’s No. 1 wish was to raise $1,000 to support the Weatherford Animal Shelter as well as the Pets and People Humane Society in Yukon, Oklahoma. With her mother’s help, she set up a account, and by late Monday night Robison had surpassed her goal by $730, in addition to other donations that push her total sum above $2,000.

This, however, is just a drop in the water dish for this animal-lover. By Robison’s own estimate, she’s helped save more than 900 dogs from being put down since she began volunteering at her local shelter. For her eighth birthday, she asked for collars and leashes for the kennel dogs.

“It makes me feel good that me and my mom helped all those dogs,” she told Oklahoma City’s KOKH news.

Debbie Allen, an animal control officer in Weatherford, told KOKH that her department works on a very tight budget. “We don’t get all the amenities like vaccinations and dog beds and dog treats that the bigger humane societies do,” she explained. “Before Paige showed up, we used to just put them down, and I was struggling by myself trying to find them homes. Now I have [her] out there saying, ‘Hey, you need to come see the dog.’ ”

Robison’s efforts have resulted in a Facebook page that advertises dogs looking for homes in western Oklahoma.

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