10 Purrfect Presents If Your Cat Is Your Valentine

Show that special, furry someone in your life that you care with an adorable cat Valentine's Day gift

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Wear Your Heart on Your Face


This gift will probably turn out to be more for you than them, but this precious and festive hat is an Instagram photo waiting to happen.

Buy it! Valentine Hat for Cats, $16.99; amazon.com

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Bundle of Booty

Courtesy KitNipBox

Give your cat the whole kit 'n kaboodle with this subscription box brimming with irresistible toys, whether it be just for February or all year round. Get 15% off your first month with the code: MEOWFLIX

Buy it! KitNipBox Box, $29.99 for one month; kitnipbox.com

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Tearin Up My Heart


No need to tell your pet what to do, this Valentine cat toy comes with easy and natural instructions. You get to just sit back and watch the show.

Buy it! Yeowww Hearrrt Attack Catnip Toy, $9.96, amazon.com

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Party at the Mouse House


I want a bed that is this goofy, playful and plush. Why wouldn't your cat want one? Take their dreams to the next level with this cat cave.

Buy it! Trixie Lukas Cuddly Cat Cave, $48.99; Petco

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Treat Yourself


Since cats can't have chocolates, give them these heart-shaped goodies made of delicious, cat-approved fish and fruit to show you care.

Buy it! Wellness Kittles Salmon & Cranberry Cat Treats, $2.99; Petco

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Get Your Nails Done


Think of it as a giant nail file. While you treat yourself to a V-day mani and pedi, your cat can do the same in their own way.

Buy it! Valentine's Recyclable Cat Scratcher, $25.00; amazon.com

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Spa Treatment

Kooky Kittens

Felines love massages too. This device allows you to hit the kitty sweet spot — their adorable little cheeks — with expert pressure that will get them purring.

Buy it! Cat Massage Roller, $9.95; kookykittens.com

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Master Fluff


Help your pet look their best for your big date night (and every day!) using this grooming tool that removes matted fur and keeps coats tangle-free.

Buy it! GoPets Dematting Comb, $25.00; amazon.com

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Claws Out


Protect your furniture and give your cat's nail art an upgrade with these V-day ready nail caps.

Buy it! Valentine Combo Nail Caps, $4.99; amazon.com

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Smitten With My Kitten


Show your feline just how in love you are by treating them to a fish feast that is secretly good for them ... but they don't need to know that.

Buy it! The Honest Kitchen Smittens: Pure Fish Treats for Cats, $13.71; amazon.com

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