10 Hotels with Pets, So You Never Have to Travel Without an Animal Again

Never go without critter cuddles again thanks to these hotels which provide amazing animal experiences

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Photo: Courtesy Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino

We can all agree that vacations are the best. One of the only downsides, minus the outrageous price of long-term parking, is having to leave your pet behind and go sans animal cuddles for days.

Thankfully, there are enticing destinations across the globe that also offer on-site animal experiences, which means you never have to go without the love of an animal again. It’s the next best thing to having your pet right there basking in the sun by your side.

So this National Pet Day, treat yourself to a getaway where you don’t have to go through animal withdrawal. Here are 10 stunning hotel options that have their own pets on staff.

Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino in Noord, Aruba

This newly renovated destination has bountiful beaches and beautiful birds. The Caribbean hotel has an on-site bird sanctuary which is home to 11 exotic birds. Guests can enjoy daily interactions and educational talks with these feathered residents, hosted by the hotel’s bird whisperer.

Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

Iguana By River

Before there were vacationers, iguanas ruled this beach — and they still do. Guests are encouraged to interact with the scaly natives, who adore bathing in the sun, during daily feeding sessions.

Belle Mont Farm in Basseterre, St. Kitts & Nevis

St. Kitts is famed for its vervet monkeys, which out-number the human population on the island by more than 2 to 1. This means there will be plenty of monkey sightings on a trip to this retreat, where the animals enjoy spending time near the guesthouses, golf course and farm.

Casa Marina in Key West, Florida

Rooster walking along beach

Roosters have been, well, roosting in Key West for decades. At this resort, they are allowed to roam freely on the beaches. One bird in particular, Feathers, thinks of Casa Marina as his kingdom.

The Jefferson in Washington, D.C.

This hotel in the nation’s capital has its own president in the form of rescue beagle Lord Monticello, better known as Monti. Monti welcomes all guests and gets especially excited about canine visitors. Guests are encouraged to bring their dogs to play with Monti and to enjoy all the pet perks at the hotel.

Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This hotel’s canine mascot, Sandy, has two jobs: welcoming guests and training to be a therapy dog. The year-old black Labrador retriever loves meeting new people and getting pet by the locals who stop in just to see her.

Sandos Caracol Eco Resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Visitors to this resort are encouraged to meet the locals, the local wildlife to be precise. Guests can enjoy face-to-face interactions with endangered and rescued native animals like monkeys, white-tailed deer, and macaws. Sandos Caracol also has an on-site cat cafe filled with felines found on the property.

Farm Sanctuary Bed & Breakfast in Watkins Glen, New York

This destination is an animal rescue first. Farm sanctuary is home to over 500 rescued farm animals who now love their lives on the 175 acre property. Visitors are encouraged to get to know and volunteer with all of the sanctuary’s furry residents.

Oil Nut Bay in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Home to five rescued Paso Fino horses and six red-foot tortoises, this hotel provides a never-ending vacation for these formerly neglected animals. Guests can meet the residents during regular feedings offered at the resort.

Aqua Kauai Beach Resort in Lihue, Hawaii

General Manager David Sosner has brought his passion for keeping koi to this resort. His impressive collection of pet koi now swim throughout the hotel’s many ponds, where they enjoy being fed by guests during scheduled feeding interactions.

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