10 Hero Pets Who Ran Off with Our Hearts

From Benji the dog to Flounder the fish, these TV and movie heroes made us cheer

Now here’s a question we’re sure nobody’s asked Tara, the cat who has been applauded the world over for saving a 4-year-old boy from a vicious dog: Have you ever considered an acting career?

If it existed, the plucky kitty would definitely receive a Paw-scar for her life-saving skills onscreen. Which had us thinking about other heroic animals – furry, feathered, finned and otherwise! – who’ve made it their mission to save people and pets in danger in movies and on TV.

Long before Tara, there was Lassie (above), who never once hesitated to put herself in harms way to save her beloved owner Timmy – or anyone for that matter. She was a furry superhero without a cape.

And, who could forget Toto? America’s favorite canine sidekick escaped the clutches of a gnarly green witch to help Dorothy get back home in The Wizard of Oz.

Benji helped people, but also made it his duty to help other animals – including a litter of mountain lion cubs (squeeeee!). Only in the movies, folks.

Okay, so Hooch, one half of the duo Turner & Hooch, wasn’t a hero in the housekeeping department but he helped Tom Hanks fall for Mare Winningham – and everyone loves a canine cupid.

The stunning stallion, Joey, saved so many lives in War Horse, but his heart only belonged to his true master. Tear.

As her name implies, Sassy the Himalayan cat from the family flick Homeward Bound had an acid tongue. But we’re certain those dogs would never have made it home without her.

His delivery wasn’t all warm and fuzzy, but as an informant for MIB in Men in Black, Frank the pug’s help was doggone important.

One word says it all: Uggie. If you didn’t get all emotional when the Jack Russell terrier tries to save his owner in the Oscar-winning film The Artist, we don’t understand you.

Without Scuttle the seagull or Flounder the fish, Eric would have married Ursula the sea witch. Just the thought of it is unsettling.

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