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young female dog inside a small blue plastic tote that had been thrown away like garbage. Our officer along with the deputy had to risk injury to climb down the steep embankment, but they were able to pull sweet Daisy (A500991) out safely.
Dog Rescued After Being Thrown Off a Florida Bridge in Plastic Storage Bin from a Moving Car
Human hand touching sleepy dark newborn welsh corgi puppy lying down on white surface.
Don't Wake Your Pet from a Nightmare and Other Pet Dreaming Tips from an Animal Behaviorist
Actor and dog mom Christina Ricci joins Stella & Chewy’s to celebrate the raw love our pets give us every day at an interactive dog friendly event for the brand’s new “All You Need is Raw” campaign on Saturday, Sept. 17, 2022 in Atlanta at Fetch Park. (Jenni Girtman/AP Images for Stella & Chewy's)
Christina Ricci Has 3 Dogs, but Says She's an 'Equal-Opportunity Animal Lover': I 'Love Cats'