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Dallas Zoo finds missing monkeys
Dallas Zoo Announces 'Significant Changes' to Security System After the Recovery of Missing Tamarin Monkeys
Three common squirrel monkeys sitting on a tree branch very close to each other
12 Squirrel Monkeys Reported Missing from Louisiana Zoo After 'Targeted' Theft
Harley the dog. See SWNS story SWSMallergen. This superhero pup is vital for her owner’s safety as she is able to detect whether an item has peanuts in it - which is a severe allergy.Natalie Rice, 45, discovered that her daughter had a life-threatening allergy about 10 years ago after feeding her a small spoonful of peanut butter.Her then four-year-old daughter, whose name is withheld, became red and itchy.
Hero Golden Retriever Detection Dog Protects Owner with Severe Allergy by Sniffing Out Peanuts