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Christy Carlson Romano Helps 'Spunky' Rescue Dog Tiki Find a Playful Canine Companion
Phoenix, Arizona Aug. 3, 2022 Pamela Breece with Charlie---at home Pamela Breece thinks of herself as a grown-up Pippi Longstocking – from her red hair to the horse in her kitchen! Charlie, her 11-year-old Mustang is a "House Horse," he often walks around inside her home, interrupting the 51-year-old illustrator’s zoom calls, or going to the kitchen to look for snacks. “He’s really into watermelon right now,” says Breece, owner of the equestrian brand Pony Macaroni.Charlie the house horse
Charlie the Instagram 'House Horse' Spends His Nights in the Barn and His Days Relaxing Indoors
A young female walrus nicknamed Freya rests on a boat in Frognerkilen, Oslo Fjord, Norway
Freya the Walrus Euthanized by Norway Officials Over Public Safety Fears