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'Invasive' Giant African Land Snails Cause Quarantine in Florida County
The giant African snails can carry the parasite rat lungworm, which is known to cause meningitis in humans, according to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Zoo Knoxville Announces the Birth of Endangered African Lion Cub
Zoo Knoxville in Tennessee shared in a Facebook post that Amara the African lion gave birth to a "healthy and thriving" female cub on June 16
The American Kennel Club Recognizes the 'Sturdy' Bracco Italiano as Its 200th Dog Breed
The Bracco Italiano dog is now eligible to compete in the Sporting Group at AKC events
Federal Judge Restores Endangered Species Act Protections Weakened by Trump Administration
In a win for wildlife conservation and protection agencies, a recent ruling vacates weaker Trump-Era regulatory provisions of the Endangered Species Act 
Three 'Lovely' Ducklings Hatch from Eggs Bought at a U.K. Supermarket
Deza Empson put six duck eggs she purchased at Morrisons in her new incubator to test the apparatus and was shocked when the eggs hatched weeks later

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126 Dogs Rescued from 'Illegal Slaughterhouse' in China
According to a report from Humane Society International, many of the rescued dogs were found wearing collars — indicating that the canines could be stolen pets
Homing Pigeon Accidentally Travels from England to Alabama and Ends Up at Animal Shelter
Alabama's Monroe County Animal Shelter is working to reunite the 4-year-old pigeon, named Bob, with his owner back home in the U.K.
Tenn. Kitten Rescued by Firefighters After Getting Stuck in a Pepsi Vending Machine at Walmart

The Morristown Fire Department in Tennessee freed the little cat after receiving a call from a Walmart employee about the kitten