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Houston Zoo Welcomes 2 New Capybara Pups and Names Them After Popular Encanto Characters
The very cute rodents were born last month to first-time mom, Squirt, and dad, Rio
Boston Zoo Prairie Dog Pups Make Their Debut by Emerging from Their Burrows for the First Time
The new arrivals were born around March 20, according to Boston's Franklin Park Zoo, but stayed below ground in their burrows until May
Baby Zebra Boom! New Jersey Zoo Welcomes Two Zebra Foals Born Weeks Apart
The Cape May County Zoo announced that one zebra foal was born April 16, and the other was born May 7; both of the baby zebras are female
Giraffe Calf Walking with Confidence After Leg Brace Treatment at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park
"We are so glad to have the resources and expertise to step in and provide this young calf the opportunity for a full life," Matt Kinney, a senior veterinarian at the California zoo, said
Wisconsin Dog Found Tied to a Fire Hydrant with a Note and Backpack Gets Adopted: 'Thank You!'
The nearly six-year-old dog was found in Green Bay in early May with a backpack full of supplies and a note explaining why the pet's previous owner could no longer care for the canine
16 Celebs Who Ride Horses Competitively
A passion for horses and ponies is no passing phase for these dedicated equestrians, who cite horseback riding as a lifelong love

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Birmingham Zoo's Oliver the Orangutan on the Mend Following Surgery to Remove Tumor
After Birmingham Zoo officials noticed swelling between Oliver's legs, an ultrasound revealed the orangutan had a testicular tumor, which two surgeons later removed
Dallas Bans Pet Stores from Selling Dogs and Cats
The legislation is an effort to crack down on puppy mills and promote pet adoption
Florida Man Dedicated to Helping Animals Donates 68 Wheelchairs to Pets with Disabilities

John Cox, a retired deputy from the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office, has donated wheelchairs to 64 dogs, three cats, and a goat over the last year through his organization Ruck9