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Group Saving Endangered Lions Helps Lioness Remove Porcupine Quills: 'Probably Saved Her Life'
Panthera, a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to protecting the world's wild big cats, including an effort to increase West African lion populations
Lost Cat Reunites with Maryland Family After 16 Years Apart: 'I Didn't Think This Was Possible'
Ritz the cat's owners thought there was a "mistake" when an Annapolis veterinarian's microchip scan of a stray feline turned up their contact information
Cheetah Cub from Oregon Moves to the Cincinnati Zoo and Becomes an Ambassador for Her Species
The Ohio zoo's neonate team will care for the four-week-old cheetah cub until she's able to join the facility's Cat Ambassador Program
Ricki Lake Posts Photos of New Rescue Pup Following Death of Beloved Dog Mama: 'She Is Perfect'
The former Ricki Lake host announced the death of Mama — her dog of six years — in April
12-Year-Old Bitten by Black Bear During Boy Scout Camping Trip in New York
The bear involved in the incident has since been euthanized
Experts Searching for Endangered North Atlantic Right Whale Spotted Entangled Near Quebec
Marine mammal rescuers are on stand-by to help free the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale

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San Diego Zoo Welcomes First Male Golden Takin Born in Western Hemisphere: 'A Huge Milestone'
The San Diego Zoo named the baby golden takin Jin Tong or "golden child" in Mandarin Chinese
Guinness World Records Confirms 32-Year-Old Wain the Wombat Is the Oldest Captive Wombat Ever
Wain the wombat has lived at Satsukiyama Zoo in Japan since 1990
Rescue of 7 Dolphins Stranded in Cape Cod by Low Tide 'Went as Smoothly as We Could Hope'

The International Fund for Animal Welfare, volunteers, AmeriCorps members, and the National Park Service all helped move the dolphins to deep water outside Provincetown, Massachusetts