Zooey Deschanel's Daughter 'Not At All Interested' in Her Sugar-Free Birthday Cake (Made By Mom!)

Zooey Deschanel tells Jimmy Kimmel about her 13-month-old daughter with husband Jacob Pechenik

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Zooey Deschanel‘s daughter Elsie Otter is not a new girl anymore. Case in point? She’s talking!

“She’s the best, she’s so much fun,” the actress, 36, shared of her 13-month-old baby with Jacob Pechenik on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night. “My husband taught her how to say ‘cheese’ just ’cause she likes cheese so much.

“This morning, I went [into her room] and she’s wearing her little jammies and her sleep sack, and she goes, ‘More … cheese. Cheese,” Deschanel adds, performing the sign for “more.”

“And I’m like, ‘You didn’t even have any cheese and you want more?’ ” she continues. “We’re beginning this already!”

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Deschanel confirmed that “cheese” was one of Elsie’s first words along with “bubble,” “mama,” “dada” and one more very important word.

“She says, ‘Nigh-nigh’ too. Like when she’s ready to go, she’s like, ‘Nigh-nigh, nigh-nigh,’ ” the (500) Days of Summer star shares, putting on a grumpy voice to mimic her daughter.

Jimmy Kimmel complimented the New Girl actress’s sparkly flats, asking if her daughter loved them just as much as Deschanel does. And it sounds like Elsie is taking after her mom‘s fun, quirky fashion sense.

“She hasn’t seen them — I borrowed them,” Deschanel says. “But if she had, she would try to steal them.”

Deschanel tells Kimmel that the couple didn’t really have a big party for their daughter’s recent first birthday, but that the actress did make her a cake.

“I made her a little heart-shaped cake that didn’t have sugar — I put just mashed banana in it,” she says. “She’s so little — there’s a lot of sugar in cake. And I whipped up some coconut cream and I put it on top. It looked like a cupcake.

“And I kept seeing on the internet, ‘You gotta make a smash cake for your 1-year-old,’ so I’m like, ‘I’m making this cake just so she can smash it,’ ” Deschanel adds. “So we’re like, ‘All right, here’s your cake! Happy birthday!’

“And she goes,” the actress continues, making an unimpressed face and miming her daughter dipping one finger into the cake, tasting it and shaking her head. “Not at all interested. No smashing.”

While Elsie did eventually eat a little of her mom’s creation after it was cut up into pieces, Kimmel noted that kids are smart and “know they’re being cheated.”

“I should’ve given her a cheesecake,” Deschanel jokes, clarifying that her daughter will eventually have sugar, but that even something like a baked apple makes her a little hyper at this age.

Deschanel says she doesn’t have a lot of rules in place for Elsie yet since “she’s so little,” but that she does try to limit screen time in the same way her own parents did for her and her sister, fellow actress Emily Deschanel, when they were children.

“My baby steals my phone from me, and I don’t really want her to be doing that, but she’ll take the phone and thinks it’s hilarious,” Deschanel says. “She sees that I’m interested in it, so then she wants it.

“But she knows that when you have a phone you go, ‘Hello?’ and she’ll be like, ‘Heh-o?’ ” she adds with a laugh.

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