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My two year old was sick with an upset stomach a few nights ago. After my husband scooped him out of his crib, I had to quickly change his sheets. Usually changing a crib sheet is a hassle. You have to untie the bumpers, and even though it’s supposed to be snug fitting for safety reasons, putting on a clean tight-fitting crib sheet when you are trying to get your baby back in their crib isn’t very easy.

I have been testing out the Clouds and Stars’ QuickZip Starter Setwhich consists of the QuickZip Sheet and Zipper Base. Clouds and Stars was started by two moms, Joan and Elizabeth. When I had to quickly change my toddler’s sheets the other night, I didn’t have to untie his bumpers, all I had to do is unzip the QuickZip Sheet from the Zipper Base and zip on a fresh, clean QuickZip Sheet. After putting my son in new pajamas, he was back in a clean crib immediately.

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I love this concept. You put the zipper base on your crib-sized mattress and then zip on the top part of the sheet. If there are any leaks, diaper blowouts, vomiting, etc., you* just whisk your child out of the crib and unzip the top part. Zip on your extra top sheet and the crib is ready and clean for your baby. It fits very snugly and securely, like a good crib sheet should. The QuickZip top sheet and the base lined up easily and I was able to get it on really quickly. Which made me feel very relaxed, when I needed to change it quickly the other night.

I asked to test out this sheet because it was waterproof (since my son is still in his crib and in diapers). I also wanted sheets that would transition to his toddler bed (the same size as a crib mattress). Clouds and Stars also makes a QuickZip Twin Sheet and Zipper Base for a twin mattress too.

The QuickZip Sheets come in blue, pink, white, green and yellow solid colors, as well as gingham options of the same colors.

They also make a playard sheet ($17) that goes on your pack and play mattress like a pillowcase. I found it very secure and safe (very creative way of keeping the pack and play sheet on). It was much better than the standard playard sheets we had been using — which my toddler could yank off himself!

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