My husband has finally found the pouch love! He has worn our daughter many times in the Z’fina Man Sling ($85CAD) and has always found it quite easy to use. It has a nice amount of stretch, so it’s a little more forgiving for first-timers — I think that’s the key to his success. He even said he likes the way it looks. But don’t worry, moms! Z’fina makes luxuriously gorgeous pouches for you, too! Their silk pouches ($85-$90CAD) are incredible. I have the Iris pouch (pictured) and sometimes I just take it out to stare at it! The coral silk lining is stunning. Of course, comfort is important in a pouch (it’s not just about looks, ladies!) and the Z’fina pouches are excellent. They also have an innovative addition of a zip-able pocket (It’s small, but would hold keys and money and, hey, what more do you need?) and little tuck-away, snap-up strap to hold a toy or pacifier.

— Stephanie

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