Do you have trouble remembering which brands of bottles, sippy cups and plastic feeding ware are BPA-free when you’re at the store?Have you been meaning to replace some bottles or a sippy cup, but have a hard time deciding when you’re staring at all those products on the shelf?Check out Z Recommend’s fabulous Z Report via mobile phone! Get the same info they have on their website, which is always up to date.

Here’s how it works.
Text "zrecs" plus a company name and/or a product category to 69866.You’ll get a text back (or occasionally two) providing the BPA statusof products by that company and/or in that category. The first word of the text message must be zrecs or it won’t work. Current categoriesare bottles, sippys, pacifiers, and tableware. For more info, visit Z Recommends.

Add the info to your phone now (create an entry in your address book).

You can also print out their wallet card, although obviously, it’s not self-updating.