The name Phil and Alex Congelliere chose for their third daughter was one of 10 on their consideration list, which also included Erin, Hadley and Taylor


Baby Congelliere has a name!

YouTubers Phil and Alex Congelliere revealed in a Wednesday video posted to their family's YouTube channel that they had decided to name their now-4-day-old daughter Cassidy Drew, sharing the big news in a creative way with their older daughters Callie Jo, 3½, and Kinsley Grace, 5.

The unique reveal, recorded before their newborn baby girl's birth, saw Alex paint "a list of all the names that [they] contemplated" on the side of their chicken coop, which is currently being refurbished and painted completely white.

"We will slowly paint them away through the day," Alex told the camera.

Sure enough, she soon gets to work painting 10 names over the outside of the black coop, in white, including Hadley, Andrea, Cassidy, Taylor, Bailey and Rylie.

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baby arrival
Phil and Alex Congelliere
| Credit: Alex Congelliere/ Instagram

The first to go is Erin. "This is my beautiful sister's name, who I love dearly, and I actually would love that name," says Alex. Next to be painted over are Hadley and Andrea, after which Alex consults her older daughter about her opinion on what to call her little sister.

"I don't know," says Kinsley, going back to holding one of the family's chickens as her mom crosses off Rylie, Taylor, Bailey, Paisley and Peyton — leaving just Kennedy and Cassidy.

Alex bends down and whispers their chosen name to her two older daughters — and while Callie adorably repeats it loudly, Kinsley hilariously says, "No, Kennedy!"

"I'm gonna tell you before we tell everybody else, okay? Baby girl's name is Cassidy Drew," Alex tells her girls quietly, explaining when Kinsley asks why, "Because that is the name that we had since you were born, and we knew since the day you were born that there were three girls in our lives: Kinsley Grace, Callie Jo and Cassidy Drew."

After the big reveal, Phil tells multiple people who video chatted in for it, "Her name means clever, wise and strong," while Alex explains later that "Drew is a family name" and Phil's "sister's middle name."

Phil Congelliere
Phil and Alex Congelliere with their newborn daughter
| Credit: Phil Congelliere/ Instagram

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Later in the video, Alex says that while she "wanted to keep her options open" about their baby's name initially, her husband "was confident" on Cassidy during the day of their embryo transfer, "because it was a name we always had."

"Cassidy Drew is the best name," Kinsley sweetly proclaims from her seat in the background.

Just weeks before welcoming baby Cassidy, the couple opened up in an emotional vlog about finding out that their baby on the way has the same congenital heart defect as Phil.

Phil and Alex's "third little miracle" was born on Sunday, after the pair struggled with infertility for eight years. She arrived at 5:37 a.m. local time, weighing 7 lbs., 14 oz.

"She is doing amazing! We can't even begin to thank each and every one of you for your love, support and prayers. We can't wait to share with you every miraculous detail," the mother of three wrote alongside a photo of her newborn daughter shortly after her birth.