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CBB was once again buzzing with commentary this week, on everythingfrom clothes and bump size to adoption and childbirth. You all had a lot to say, and we lovedreading every word! Here’s a look at five great comments from the past week:

This is so true! Before I had kids I would see news stories aboutchildren (and mothers) who were being abused or neglected, lived inpoverty or had a hard time with life. I would see them and think "whata shame…" Now I see those children and it does not matter the age,the race or the circumstance, I see my kids in all of them! It is hardto look away when you make the connection that their story could verywell be yours.

Posted by Danielle on James Broderick Loves His Stripes:

I don’t have kids of my own, I’m a nanny. But I think you have to pickyour battles and there are more important things in life than clothes. Saying that, I care for two boys and they don’t seem so bothered aboutwhat they wear, but I cared for a girl before and at 3, she was veryopinionated on what she would wear. We had to give her optionsrather than her have free choice of her wardrobe, or she would wear asummer party dress for a walk in the park in winter!

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I carried twins to 38 weeks, and the week before giving birth a cashierat a grocery store told me I wasn’t big enough for 1 let alone 2babies. Throughout my pregnancy, I was constantly told my tummy wasn’tbig enough. I WISH I was told I was huge. Really do (lol!) I spent a lotof time worrying I wasn’t eating enough, etc., even though my doctorsaid I was fine. And Baby A was 7 lbs, Baby B 6 lbs. at birth, by theway, so I obviously had nothing to worry about. Hopefully Jerry wasjust apologizing for getting others miffed and not the future mother ofhis kids! I wish both of them the very best of luck during thepregnancy and beyond!

Speaking as an only child who currently has only one child, I couldhonestly go either way. If my husband and I ever have one more, I’ll behappy, but if that doesn’t happen I’ll be just as happy.

I think a common misconception for people who aren’t only childrenis that all of us are lonely or spoiled. Yes, there are a LOT that are,but I had an amazing family who made sure that I knew the value oflife, and that love didn’t mean material things. I was never lonely,but I’ve always been a more solitary person; that could just be apersonality trait.

The most important thing with kids, I think, whether you have one ormany, is that you raise them well, and do the best you can to impartthem with a healthy sense of self, a lot of love, and knowledge of whatis truly important in life.

I too have a daughter adopted from China (July 2002); we waited 15months. I have received many comments about my daughter over the last 6years and many have said "You are so wonderful to have saved yourdaughter." My husband and I just smile knowing that we were the onesthat were saved by this beautiful, wonderful, loving baby. I fell inlove with my daughter the minute I saw that first picture (which I alsocarry in my wallet everyday). I know exactly what Meg Ryan is talkingabout, and for all of you out there waiting for the "forever family day"be assured that when it finally happens you totally forget the waitingand anxiety because it is so very very worth it.

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