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CBB was once again buzzing with commentary this week, on everythingfrom child restraints and pregnancy safety to globe-trotting kids and breaking the baby news. You all had a lot to say, and we lovedreading every word! Here’s a look at five great comments from the past week:

So cute! I also hated leashes for children…until I had my son. Nowhe’s 10 months old, a walker, will wander off in about 2 seconds(seriously, I handed my debit card to the lady at the peds office today& he was 10 feet away in that little of time) & HATES beingheld. Now that he’s mobile, he wants to be all over the place &holding him doesn’t cut it. We’ll be getting one for our son soon.

You just have to be aware of your center of gravity, it’s way outthere! I think that’s why so many activities like these arequestionable because it’s hard to judge, I had a few spills, bumpedinto many things, misjudged my balance… it happens so you just needto use caution. Although, I will also say that by the time I’m as far along as Naomi, Ijust want to be laying still, not out riding a scooter! ?

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When I was pregnant with my 2nd I had my son Dalton wear a t shirt Imade that said Big Brother and when my hubby came home from work thatnight he ran out to greet him. It took him a minute to figure it outand was quite happy!

Home is where the heart is. Our family does not live that type oflifestyle, because we don’t make millions a year…but, if we did, Iwould see absolutely nothing wrong with it. Kids can have the sameschedules, rituals, routines, and their favorite things no matter wherethey are! A few years ago, we were about to move to a new state and thehouse we were renting fell through right before we left. We packed upand came here anyway, and spent 2 weeks searching for a place to call"home". What I found during those 2 weeks was, that we were close, andhad fun times, and lots of love and laughs no matter WHERE we were,because we were all together. I’d much rather see Brad and Angelinataking their kids around the world with them, and staying together as afamily, than what I see of so many families here. The dad does his ownthing..the mom works, and sees her kids maybe 2 hours a night. Thefamilies never eat at the same table together or share their day’s goodand bad events. The young kids grow up in a daycare being cared for bystrangers every day. How is this lifestyle better? I think it’s great their kids can pick up and go, and that they are exposed to culture.

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I want my two sons to be like their fathers looks-wise (and they are), butI hope they are neater than he is once they are grown. Sometimes I feellike I have three little boys. ?

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