You Better Work: Steal Bridget Moynahan's casual exercise attire


Bridget Moynahan looks fabulous for someone who recently had a baby. She was spotted out and about on Sunday with John Edward Thomas, now 5 months old. Her casual attire and Bob Revolution jogging stroller ($360) lead us to believe she was getting some exercise, even if it was of the leisurely stroll kind. We appreciate a celebrity who doesn’t get tarted up to get sweaty. So, we thought we’d provide you with some casual exercise gear that will help get you get your sweat on — without worrying about sweat marks! And because no exercising mom is complete without a stroller, we’ve thrown in some jogging stroller picks, too!


Nothing’s Too Good
Celebrities even sweat in style. Considering their hourly rate, it only makes sense. Take into account the fact that a camera is always following them around and we’d probably wear designer gym attire, too. Lululemon is like the Seven Jeans of yoga pants, they make your butt look fantabulous (even when you’re lacking in the rear) and the material absorbs your sweat. Now if only they could serve as a burpcloth …

Favorite Items: Lululemon Reverse Groove Pants (right, $100) and Lululemon Motion Singlette Tank with the Mountain Buggy Urban Elite in blue ($499).


Spare No Expense
Paying a lot for clothes we’re going to sweat in is not something we aim to do. But you can’t argue with a good fit! There’s nothing worse then your pants falling down on the treadmill or losing their oomph after five minutes.

Favorite Items: Fit Couture Tahoe Pants (right, $55) and Fit Couture Napa Top ($46) with the BOB Revolution in chocolate/brown ($359).


Not Pinching Pennies
The PUMA brand has come a long way, and the trendy cat logo is actually a celebrity favorite now. They offer some really great looking exercise attire in some truly fun colors, like this bright pink!

Favorite Items: PUMA Cat Terry Pant ($38) and PUMA Pull Over Jersey Hoodie (left, $31 on sale) with the Phil & Ted’s Sport in pink camo ($359).


Looking for a Better Value
Leave it to underwear uber-brand Victoria’s Secret to have one of the best yoga pants. After all they design clothes that aim to fit, and these pants do just that! It’s the foldover waist band that makes these pants exceptional, they’re comfortable and hit just right at your waist.

Favorite Items: Victoria’s Secret Foldover Yoga Pant (right, $29) and Victoria’s Secret Oversize Yoga Tank ($29) with the Baby Jogger City Elite in black ($399).


Can’t Stand to Spend Over $15
Target has a great deal with Champion, to provide them with an exclusive activewear line, called C9. We love the great fit of the products they create and the price tag is easy to digest on an empty, dieting, stomach!

Favorite Items: C9 by Champion French Terry Pants ($17) and C9 by Champion Urban Long Tank (left, $15) with the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger in pink ($100).

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