June 16, 2014 02:00 PM

Bang for your buck is one thing, but brilliance for your buck is even better.

A new company called Yoobi, which debuts its products at Target this month, has created a line of perfect-for-kids school supplies that give back to schools in need.

Every time you purchase one of their marker sets, notebooks or other fantastically florescent products, they’ll donate a Yoobi item to a school via classroom packs which are sent across the U.S. (To learn more about how schools are selected, click here).

The company’s co-founder and CEO, Ido Leffler, who is also a father of two girls, dreamed up the idea when he discovered just how drab the school supply aisle can be.

Courtesy Yoobi

Leffler hopes Yoobi’s colorful tools (like bold thumb-size highlighters, knot-shaped erasers, and heart-shaped push pins) will help get creative juices flowing, and in turn help teachers, who spend an average of $485 a year of their own money on school supplies, according to the company.

Courtesy Yoobi

“We have an amazing design team that worked hard to make sure that Yoobi products are incredibly fun, colorful and innovative,” Leffler told PEOPLE.

“We created Yoobi because we wanted to make products that our own daughters would be proud of and want to use.”

Yoobi’s rainbow array of gel pens have great impact, on paper and apparently on Leffler’s little muse.

“I recently overheard my 5-year-old talking about the products to her friends,” he said. “She was explaining that Yoobi means ‘one for you and one for me.’ ​

It’s incredible that she ​already ​understands ​the concept that Yoobi products are helping other students in need. As a father, that’s a great moment to experience!”

To learn more about how the Kids In Need Foundation selects schools, click here.

Amy Jamieson

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