I was watching the video for‘s Yes We Can Song, inspired by Barack Obamas powerful speech after the New Hampshire Primary (watch the original speech here), and noticed a celebrity baby among the celebs- former supermodel Amber Valetta‘s son, Auden McCaw, 7, with his mom. Not only that, but in researching the origins of the song and video, I discovered that the video was directed by Jesse Dylan, one of Bob Dylan‘s sons.

It’s significant to note that the Obama campaign had absolutely no involvement with the video. states in an interview on ABC News and on that he was inspired by Obama’s speech after the New Hampshire Primary that he wrote the song and called a bunch of friends to come over and record the video. Since then, it’s spread like crazy because so many others have been moved by it.

Other celebrities appearing in the insanely viral video (it’s been viewed over 1 million times on YouTube in the last two days) include John Legend, Common,Herbie Hancock, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Scarlett Johansson, Tatyana Ali,Nick Cannon, Kate Walsh, Adam Rodriguez, Kelly Hu, Eric Balfour, AishaTyler, and Nicole Scherzinger.

OPINION: For the part of the post where I give my (rarely offered) opinion, click Continue Reading. If you don’t want to hear about politics on CBB, just don’t read it. (And if you do read it and don’t agree, I told you not to read it!)

Another inspiring song/video is based on another Obama campaign motto: Fired Up, Ready to Go.

Watch Yes We Can.


I find it interesting that some readers are stating they dislike Obamabecause a lot of celebrities back him. He doesn’t seem to court thembut they love him because they too are moved by his speech. Of course take their endorsements with a grain of salt- they’re not political experts, they’re just people. But they understand they havethe power to bring some publicity to his campaign so they use it. Ifyou are turned off by Obama being a charismatic figure, realize that heand Hillary Clinton agree on most of the issues but people seem toreally dislike her for her alleged lack of warmth and personality.Given that, don’t we want a leader that you can get behind and feelgood about?

Since people are asking, here’s why I support Barack Obama.

  1. He’s a Democrat and I will always support the Democrats over the Republicans. For me, being a Democrat is about having compassion for others such as being pro-choice, pro-education, making sure everyone who wants healthcare can afford it, and looking out for the lower and middle classes (and the environment). I disagree with Republicans that small government is the way to go.
  2. Both Barack and I never supported getting into Iraq (though I support the soldiers themselves who are there). He plans to get troops out in 1-2 years. I’d like for them all to come home but I understand why that may not be possible.
  3. He knows what it’s like to be an outsider, having foreign parents, growing up in multi-cultural Hawaii, so he has an insight into what people in other nations think of us.
  4. Of the two Democratic candidates, he and Hillary have roughly the same amount of experience in office.
  5. And yes, he’s a charismatic leader. He ignites passion in his supporters which means he will have the country behind him when he becomes president.
  6. Yes, he’s a politician and politicians all talk the same talk (I find watching the debates unbearable because none of them ever answer the questions!). He just seems more genuine to me than Hillary.
  7. At the end of the day, most Democrats agree on most of the issues so Iwant to support the Democrat that I feel has the greatest chance ofbeating the Republican candidate. I do like Hillary but so manyRepublicans despise her and would never vote for her. So my vote goesto the candidate who I feel has a better chance of winning. (And yes, that’s why I was hoping Romney becomes the Republican candidate because I don’t think he can win the general election.) Again, I’d be thrilled with Hillary as president but I just don’t think she can win the general election.

By the way, a great quickie candidate chooser is – Barack and I agree on 9 out of 10 issues they cover (versus 3 out of 10 for McCain by the way).

I have to agree with my husband that it’s a little precious, but on the other hand, it isvery moving. I actually found myself with tears in my eyes. I havenever felt this way about a politician but there’s something aboutBarack that makes you hopeful for true change. Super Tuesday is a chance to make a statement and a change.