March 18, 2014 10:00 AM

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Even while juggling four kids, a growing children’s sports line and the upcoming Major League Baseball season, Amber Sabathia isn’t batting an eye.

That’s because the wife of Yankee pitcher CC Sabathia has a simple philosophy when it comes to motherhood and her work.

“We moms need to remember to worry less,” she told PEOPLE at her CCandy show during the Petite Parade Kids Fashion Week on Mar. 9. “Schedules, planning, busy days — whatever it is, it works out. You have to breathe.”

Another way to cope is to have friends who share your interests. Sabathia’s good pals, and fellow athletes wives, Traci Lynn Johnson and Alexis Stoudemire, sat front row beside their CCandy-clad kiddies at her fashion presentation.

And even though her hubby couldn’t make it to the event due to his busy spring training schedule, the couple always find ways to support each other.

“It’s fun having a line that represents Dad,” says Sabathia, whose kids (Carsten, Jaden, Cyia and Carter) helped design the mini fashions that rocked the runway. “I always joke that I’m a single mom for a chunk of the year, but it all evens out when I want my ‘me’ time or a workout alone when CC is home.”

Sabathia admits that taking care of four little ones occasionally takes a toll, but that doesn’t mean she’s ruled out having another baby.

“I don’t like to say never because you can’t plan everything” she says. “Some days I think I’m open for whatever the future could bring. Other days, when I have two kiddies hanging off of each leg, I might take that thought back.”

In the meantime, the busy mom is hoping to get her and her husband’s music playlists in sync.

“[Mine] is all Beyoncé and his is all Jay Z,” she says. “The only solution is to make a playlist of all of their collaborations!”

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