Yackle Ball ($20) is an X-shaped ball that’s soft and easy to throw and catch. Beginners can learn to catch by giving the ball a great big hug, then they move on to more complicated games that teach numbers and colors and develop hand-eye coordination. I know you’re probably saying, “Why would I spend $20 on a ball?” but the Yackle Ball is worth it because makes it easier for younger and/or less well-coordinated children to be active and can be used for more complicated games as their skill improves. Don’t take my word for it – my friend who is a pediatric physical therapist ran right out to get one when she saw all the possibilities of the Yackle Ball.

It comes in two sizes and we chose the “junior” for my 3 ½-year-old. He can now throw it overhand or like a Frisbee and catch it by the arm or against his chest. They also offer a glow-in-the-dark version plus several college color schemes. We like that it’s made in the USA and it never rolls into the street!