‘Over the river and through the woods, to grandmothers house we go' is almost certainly a popular refrain in the Judd household. Except instead of a river Wynonna Judd's children — Elijah, 13, and Grace, turning 12 next month — need only to climb a hill in order to reach their ‘Mawmaw,' country singer Naomi Judd. Having her grandchildren so close by has its benefits, Naomi recently noted.

Speaking of, from the sound of it, anyone holding out hope that Elijah and Grace will carry on the family tradition of a career in the entertainment industry is in for a disappointment. When asked if she foresees a career in show business for her grandchildren, Naomi, 62, answered "absolutely not." She added,

Elijah and Grace are Wynonna's children with ex-husband Arch Kelley III.

Source: OK!