August 24, 2008 06:00 AM

First Aid Tin

Need a place to stash your sewing supplies? Looking for a gift that combines kitschy nostalgia with functionality? Look no further. I’m completely besotted with the line of retro adorable novelties gifts and kits from Wu & Wu Dumpling Dynasty. These graphic and gorgeous items are the stuff of legendary gift giving.

We’ve reorganized all of our band-aids and boo-boo supplies in one of their First Aid tins, and as a result, ouchie boo boos have become a little less troubling. My kids love fetching the tin, decorated with retro images of kid doctors and nurses. And what parent/child would not be thrilled with the adorable pigtail kit or whimsical explorer tins? How about the sewing or baking tins? Each of these tins are sold as a fully stocked kit ready for hours of play. Buy all four and launch your own kiddie reality show series this summer. Survivor meets Shear Genius meets Project Runway and Top Chef.Equally charming are the tea set, chopsticks set, and shoe polish kit. Good old-fashioned fun seems more fun when it is packaged in such cheerfully decorated containers.

— Ciaran

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