Writers' Strike Gives John C. McGinley More Baby-Prep Time

"I can do everything now because we stopped work," says the Scrubs star

Photo: Chad Buchanan/Getty

The writers’ strike has shut down production of TV’s Scrubs – which is not entirely a bad thing for star John C. McGinley’s wife, Nichole Kessler, who is pregnant with a girl.

“I’m, like, telling the cravings to kick in now because hubby’s around and he can go and get it,” Kessler joked at Wednesday’s premiere of John Cusack’s new film Grace is Gone.

So far, she says, McGinley hasn’t had to run out in the middle of the night to pick up a carton of ice cream, as the cravings haven’t started yet. Not that the actor hasn’t been busy at home.

“In my first trimester, I was very morning sick and so John did all of the shopping,” she says. “He’s the best husband in the world.”

And as of this week, there’s even more free time. “I can do everything now because we stopped work yesterday,” says McGinley.

This is McGinley’s second child; he has a 10-year-old son, Max, from a previous marriage. But it is a first for Kessler, who has been studying up both via book and email with the aid of perennial baby classic What to Expect When Expecting.

“Yes, of course, I get the emails everyday!”, she said. “They also have an email program ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting.’ It sends you an email, and then I also read the book, of course.”

Added the father-to-be, ” Nicole forwards me the ‘What to Expect’ whenever it’s kind of titillating or interesting. You know, they tell me about how much fluid is in there.”

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