Ask CBB: Wraps, Slings, and Pouches

We’ve received several emails from readers asking about soft baby carriers. What are the differences between wraps, slings, and pouches?

Wearing your baby is one of the best things you can do to promote healthy bonding and attachment between you and your little one. Did you know that babies that are worn cry less and are easier to soothe? Babywearing is good for baby’s physical, emotional, and mentaldevelopment. Babies who are worn by their caregiver are generally in aquiet alert state, and cry less because they feel constant security.When you’re baby is worn, it can feel your body warmth, breathingrhythm, and hear both your heart beat and your voice, which remindsthem of being in the womb. For more on why babywearing is great foryou and your baby (and the scientific studies that back it), read Great Things About Babywearing at

There are four main types of soft baby carriers: wraps, mei tais, slings and pouches. All are excellent for different types of carries and or different aged children.

Pictured left is Danielle’s current favorite pouch from Karma Baby. Danielle’s note – I’m not pregnant again – it’s just an unflattering photo!

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