"The timing couldn't be more perfect," says the star whose character is expecting too!

Credit: Jean-Paul Aussenard/WireImage

She may not have an accident-prone husband like her character on the CBS comedy Worst Week, but Erinn Hayes does have one major thing in common with the pregnant Melanie Clayton: She’s expecting!

Hayes, 32, tells PEOPLE exclusively that she and her husband, construction superintendent Jack Hayes, 34, planned the pregnancy to coincide with her character’s. “I’m nothing if not an opportunist,” jokes Hayes.

The actress, who is mom to 1½-year-old Maggie, is due in May. If Worst Week is picked up for a second season, Hayes will resume filming the slapstick show in August. “The timing couldn’t be more perfect,” she says.

So perfect that her baby could even play the role of Melanie’s child? “Absolutely not,” she laughs. “It would be one thing if it were twins, so that when one is crying you can switch it out.”

Like daughter Maggie, Hayes says, the baby will come to set: “She loves coming to set and playing with the make-up brushes and everything. It’s a great atmosphere.”