World Breastfeeding Week: Celebrity mothers who breastfeed

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Celebrity mothers who breastfeed their children
by Kristin, Celebrity Baby Blog Fashion Editor

Celebrities breastfeed their children too! Here’s just a short list of famous mothers who nurse or nursed their babies, for any length of time.

Tori Amos
Pamela Anderson (with implants!)
Ursula Andress
Erykah Badu
Adrianne Barbeaux
Kate Beckinsale
Samantha Bee

Joy Behar
Catherine Bell
Christie Brinkley
Courteney Cox-Arquette
Asia Carrera (tandem, with implants)
Marysol Castro
Shawn Colvin
Katie Couric
Cindy Crawford
Celine Dion
Mia Farrow
Tina Fey
Jane Fonda
Jodie Foster
Nelly Furtado
Jennifer Garner
Jennie Garth
Ana Gasteyer
Kathy Lee Gifford
Melissa Gilbert
Tipper Gore
Jerry Hall
Geri Halliwell
Mariska Hargitay
Angie Harmon
Melissa Joan Hart
Mariette Hartley
Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Teri Hatcher
Marilu Henner
Katie Holmes
Kate Hudson
Faith Hill
Helen Hunt
Angelina Jolie
Jane Kaczmarek
Heidi Klum
Ricki Lake
Lucy Lawless
Tea Leoni
Angela Lindvall
Heather Locklear
Sophia Loren

Joan Lunden
Debi Mazar
Andie McDowell
Sarah McLachlan
Elle McPherson
Debra Messing
Laurie Metcalf
Demi Moore
Julianne Moore

Carrie-Anne Moss
Thandie Newton
Gena Lee Nolin (with implants!)
Deborah Norville
Brandy Norwood
Gwyneth Paltrow
Vanessa Paradis
Sarah Jessica Parker
Tracy Pollan (tandem – twins)
Connie Selleca
Jane Seymour (tandem – twins)
Cybil Shepherd

Mira Sorvino
Gabrielle Reece
Denise Richards
Patricia Richardson
Julia Roberts (tandem – twins)
Holly Robinson Peete (tandem – twins)
Eleanor Roosevelt
Katherine Ross
Kelly Preston
Mary Lou Retton
Cathy Rigby
Kelly Ripa

Joan Rivers
Maya Rudolph
Karenna Gore Schiff
Brooke Shields
Carly Simon
Nicole Simpson
Britney Spears
Susan St. James
Jada Pinkett Smith
Gwen Stefani
Meryl Streep
Sheryl Swoopes
Jackie Titone (Adam Sandler’s wife)
Shania Twain
Uma Thurman
Liv Tyler
Meredith Viera
Lindsay Wagner
Cynthia Watros (tandem – twins)
Michelle Williams

Rita Wilson
Kate Winslet
Reese Witherspoon
Natalie Wood
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Queen Elizabeth II of England
Princess Diana of Wales
Princess Grace of Monaco
Princess Caroline of Monaco
Mary of Denmark
Mette Marit of Norway

Stories and Quotes:

Reese Witherspoon spoke candidly with Vanity Fair about her body: "I have cellulite. I have stretchmarks. My breasts aren’t what they were before breastfeeding two children."
Source: Celebrity Baby Blog

Adam Sandler said his daughter Sadie has a voracious appetite, "That is something else. It’s like a tiger going crazy," Adam said, of his newborn daughter’s nursing style. "The kid doesn’t stop eating and sucking away. Those used to be for Pops. Not anymore!"
Source: Celebrity Baby Blog

Debra Messing was on Regis and Kelly talking about how she was doing sign language with her son Roman, and how he picked up on the milk sign right away because all he wanted to do was nurse, and she would walk by him and he would constantly hold up his hand and make the sign for milk.

Also… Debra credited breastfeeding for her postpartum weightloss. She said for the first three months of his life, she did nothing but breastfeed Roman (you know what she means) and it helped her burn 33 pounds that she gained during her pregnancy.

The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee and her husband Jason Jones were interviewed on eTalk with their baby girl Piper Bee Jones. In the funny interview, you see Piper a number of times, her stroller (a Stokke Xplory) and Samantha makes a joke about Piper liking the microphone because they resemble her nipples (so it’s a safe assumption she’s breastfeeding).
Source: Celebrity Baby Blog

Lost’s Cynthis Watros on nursing her twins: "I look at my body a differently now than I did before," she admits. "You look at your breasts a little differently. Before, you get a great bra, and they’re these things that are just nice looking. Now I look at them and I still think that they’re breasts, they’re my breasts, they’re great breasts — but it’s also amazing that I can feed human beings with them."

Courteney Cox-Arquette revealed her experience in feeding her daughter Coco: "Breastfeeding is undoubtedly the best thing you can do for your baby. It took a lot of persevering through the early weeks because my daughter didn’t latch on properly and it really hurt; but I’m happy I stayed with it because not only do I have a special bond with my child, but it’s easy now and is also extremely healthy."
Source: Celebrity Baby Blog

Courteney’s husband David Arquette had this to say about breastfeeding,"It gets really crazy because Courteney’s actually breastfeeding and she’ll whip it out anywhere. It’s kinda weird. We’re having meetings, she’s like, ‘Excuse me,’ (and takes her breast out). Moms Gone Wild!" He also said,
"But her boobs are just gorgeous. They’re so big, but it’s like this cosmic joke because they’re huge but they’re not for me!"
Source: Celebrity Baby Blog

After giving birth to Apple, Gwyneth Paltrow shunned the Hollywood tradition of postpartum slimming by saying that to diet would be detrimental to breastfeeding her daughter. She said, "I’m not in my pre-pregnancy state. I’m trying not to rush myself. I want my food to be high quality as I’m feeding Apple. I’m not into dieting. Now I’m able to exercis
e, I’m shrinking back down a little bit. It’s a very slow process."

Source: Celebrity Baby Blog

Al Gore‘s daughter Karenna Gore Schiff juggled her third year of law school, breastfeeding son Wyatt and working on her father’s 2000 presidential campaign. She’s very political about the subject, saying, "we have to do a lot more as a society to accommodate working mothers. Breast feeding in itself is a real challenge. I had this vision of breast feeding lounges or something. I’ve found that since I’ve had my baby I find that other mothers are the most helpful."

Tori Amos said about the first time she nursed her daughter, “An ounce of breastmilk is more potent than the finest tequila.”

Erykah Badu said about her son Seven, "When I first had the baby, I breastfed for two years straight, so we were together for two years of his life every day, all hours of the day. So I was two people, and I eventually morphed back into one. Now he’s part of me. He’s very independent as a result of it. I thought it was going to be the opposite. I was very worried that he was going to be attached since we were together every day, but I guess it made him feel comfortable: ‘I know she’s around. She’ll be there.’ It made me feel like a very responsible person…I’m now responsible for someone’s whole reason for being."
Source: Celebrity Baby Blog

Jodie Foster slimmed down after the birth of her son Charlie: "I just couldn’t stop losing weight with the breastfeeding. I ate as much as I possibly could, but I kept losing. You’ll see why when you meet Charlie. He’s a stocky guy, and he likes to eat. You cook it, he’ll eat it.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones said, of breastfeeding her son, Dylan Michael. "I’m going to do it as long as I can . . .there is something so intimate about it. For that one hour or 45 minutes it’s just wonderful. It’s wonderful bonding and you know they’re getting all those antibodies.”

In the Country Music Network aired a biography of singer Faith Hill (who is married to country star Tim McGraw). Faith talked about how she would take breaks from shooting her latest music video to breastfeed her daughter.

Julia Roberts had a hard time finding a dress to wear to the 2005 Oscars because of the enhanced bosom she received from breastfeeding her twin babies Phinneaus (Finn) and Hazel. She eventually settled for a black gown with scooped neck, but complained, "It’s the only dress brave enough to hold in my breast line. Yes (I’m serious), this is no joke."
Source: Celebrity Baby Blog

Michelle Williams credited her quick slimdown to her pre-baby weight to nursing her daughter Matilda, "It’s just breastfeeding."
Source: Celebrity Baby Blog


In the August 2006 issue of Vogue, there’s a photo of model Angela Lindvall breastfeeding her 14 month old son, Sebastian.

There was quite a bit of controversy when Redbook put James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan, his wife Keely Shaye-Smith, and their son Dylan Thomas on the cover of their December 1997 issue. Two cover photos were shot- one of Keely breastfeeding Dylan and a traditional portrait. The traditional portrait cover was sent to subscribers (about two-thirds of their readers) and the breastfeeding cover was sold on the newsstands.

In 1991, People magazine created a stir when they featured a photo of newscaster Deborah Norville breastfeeding in the magazine.

Model Jerry Hall appeared in Vanity Fair nursing Gabriel, her son with Rolling Stone Mick Jagger. The picture was taken by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz and is featured in Annie’s book "Women.” In the photo, Jerry is elegantly dressed, sitting in a chair, breastfeeding her son.


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