World Breastfeeding Week: Do you have a photo of yourself breastfeeding your child?

So far we have gotten over 60 emails filled with beautiful images of our readers breastfeeding their babies. Please keep them coming!

During World Breastfeeding Week, August 1-7, we will run special posts on the Celebrity Baby Blog supporting breastfeeding. Topics include myths about breastfeeding, nursing your toddler, tandem nursing, handling objections, continuing to breastfeed while going back to work and personal testimonials on breastfeeding. I has originally asked our readers to send in their breastfeeding photos to illustrate the articles but I have gotten so many I’m going to create a gallery with them now and would love your photo! Perhaps this will become the largest online collection of breastfeeding photos!

If you are ok with 60,000 people a day seeing you breastfeeding your child, please send us your photos. Of course I will be including images of me breastfeeding Anya. If you have a photo but would like it to be anonymous, send me the photo and I can crop out your face. The idea is to show people who are not used to what breastfeeding looks like how beautiful it is.

We are looking for more photos of women (and babies) of color, nursing while babywearing, tandem nursing (especially twins!), nursing while pregnant and toddlers nursing. I would also love to see photos of your children playing at nursing their dolls- one woman sent me a photo of her son nursing his teddy bear.

Please email your pics to and include (if you wish) your name, your child’s name and age at the time of the photo.

We will also be doing a raffle for a Baby Jogger jogging stroller filled with great stuff celebs love so tune in August 1.

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