World Breastfeeding Week Sponsor: The Nursing Curtain ™ by Mommy's Little Monkey™

Many new mothers disrupt their breastfeeding relationship in public with their baby due to unwanted public exposure. If the biggest breastfeeding issue for you is modestly nursing your baby in public as a new mommy than check out the patent pending Nursing Curtain™ by Mommy’s Little Monkey™.

The Nursing Curtain™ is a comforting nursing necessity for breastfeeding mommies. The Nursing Curtain™ is a one-size-fits all cover that securely attaches at the neck. Imagine your own little private room while nursing in public! Simply raise the neck ring and privately watch your baby while you nurse. Mommies can choose to sit or be on the move with the Nursing Curtain™, securely attached it will not fall off like most baby blankets or shawls. For those Mommies interested in partial back coverage, The Nursing Curtain™ delivers a wrap around design that partially covers those unwanted exposed areas during postpartum transitioning. Its also great for mommies needing to use their hands while nursing.

The Nursing Curtain™ is offered in two styles-lined or unlined. Mommies can choose the unlined version made of 100% lightweight cotton with an interior pocket. Choose the lined version made of 100% lined lightweight cotton which is slightly thicker and contains a interior pocket attached with a small burp cloth.

Celebrities that have been gifted The Nursing Curtain™ with are Gwen Stefani, Drew and Lea Lachey, Brooke Shields, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Britney Spears, and Elizabeth Vargas.

In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week and to advocate Healthy People 2010 Mommy’s Little Monkey™ would like to offer a 10% discount to all who order from August 1-7th. No need for a code, it will be taken off all orders during this time frame.

Happy Nursing Your Little Monkey!

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