By peoplestaff225
September 22, 2007 09:51 AM

To celebrate World Breastfeeding Week 2007 and to support breastfeeding moms around the country, we offered over 30 different raffle prizes valued at over $75 each in exchange for donating to La Leche League. Prizes total over $2300. We had over 60 donations, 1032 tickets total, plus an additional 877 bonus tickets awarded. Not counting the fee sponsors paid to participate, we raised $1,032!

Thank you to everyone who participated!

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The readers who purchased the most tickets:
Lisa Daniels
Kristin Dreyer
Elizabeth Staton

The raffle prize that received the most tickets was the $200 gift certificate from West Village Kids.The winner, Laura DiP. will get to shop their upscale online boutiquefeaturing numerous hip clothing collections for kids, ages 8 and under.Pick up celebrity favorites, Madonna’s son in MishMish’s Rockmania tee, featured on the Celebrity Baby Blog.

WVK strives to bring the best in fashion and customer service.Parents can mix and match or choose an outfit that Founder, Michellehas put together. Renowned for providing "Pre-Orders" of upcomingseasons, Michelle keeps her customers a step ahead and announces stylesand trends in her monthly newsletter.

Based in NYC, they have the cutting edge designers at their fingertips. Brands carried include Bengh, BlueBird, Cakewalk, CC’sRags,Charabia, Chipie, ColletteDinnigan, Confetti, Halabaloo, IKKS,JeanBourget, Jottum, Marese, MissSixty, Oilily, PomD’Api, PuraVida,Rooster, SaveTheQueen, Submarine, WildSouth and more. Shop at

The winners…