World Breastfeeding Week: Try it, you might like it!

By Guest World Breastfeeding Week writer Marina Livson, mother of Eric, 6 1/2 months old

Every mother-to-be is faced with the breastfeeding decision, and many are conflicted. Though nursing benefits both child and mother, women are dissuaded by the perceived restrictions that go along with it and stories of difficulties. But once these women have given it a try, they sometimes end up very pleasantly surprised.

This was the case with me. Prior to getting pregnant, I was sure that I wouldn’t breastfeed. This was mostly because of a lack of knowledge both about the benefits of breastfeeding and about how to make it work while having a full-time job. Frankly, I also didn’t want to be "tied to my couch". But as my due date approached, I committed myself to two months of nursing. I won’t lie, the first weeks were not easy. My son seemed to be on my breast all day, but I gradually began to enjoy the experience. As I looked at his face while he dozed off during a meal, the most wonderful and intense feeling would wash over me. The best way I can describe it is EUPHORIA. I was still planning to wean prior to returning to work, but by the time my maternity leave came to an end, I just couldn’t do it. This bond became too dear to me. So I decided to nurse for a total of four months…that turned into six, and now I don’t even bother setting deadlines. Nursing my son is the best part of my day and, most importantly, he loves it.

I asked a few mothers about their experiences. One of them wrote "I wasn’t sure about it at all. Actually went to have the baby sure I would only nurse a few weeks. Ended up nursing twenty one months…Loved the connection to my son. Actually, I had really bad post partum depression, and knowing I HAD to feed the baby was the only thing that kept me from bailing the first few months."

Another new mom revealed "I never had any doubt that I was going to breastfeed when I was pregnant, but I thought it would be easy. Through the hardships I encountered, I was determined to continue…Now [I] really enjoy the bonding time with him, without all the new-mommy stress I had in the first couple of weeks."

Giving nursing a chance is the only way to find out how you truly feel about it. And if you get off to a rocky start, don’t be discouraged, the joy of breastfeeding may be just around the corner!

Photos: Valeria and Stella; Susan and Xavier, 6 months old

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