By peoplestaff225
Updated March 18, 2010 04:00 PM

If timing is everything, Julianna Margulies intends to make the most of hers.

The actress — mom to son Kieran Lindsay, 2, with husband Keith Lieberthaltells the LA Times that when it comes to career, she believes in striking while the iron is hot — even if it requires 15-hour days on the set of The Good Wife.

“My mom is great,” Margulies, 43, reveals.

“She’ll say, ‘Honey, how long can this go on for? If you’re lucky, three to four years. Then suddenly you won’t have a job and your kid will be sleeping until 10 a.m. Enjoy it now.'”

Her drive and determination to conquer both motherhood and Hollywood was on full display while making the independent film City Island.

First offered the role at four months postpartum, Margulies says she had every intention of taking a one-year maternity leave but was convinced otherwise. If she harbors any regrets, she isn’t showing them.

“It was so fulfilling that it didn’t matter that I would come home from night shoots just as my baby was getting up. My feeling is, so I’ll be tired for a while.”

Having recently garnered a Golden Globe for her work on The Good Wife, Margulies approaches her craft studiously, but ever cognizant of the demands which await her at home.

“I try to learn my lines for the next day on my lunch hour, because at night I’m generally too tired to focus,” she confesses. “But I love playing Alicia, and I love being a mom, so I wouldn’t change any of that.”

“In the past, I’ve always been horribly competitive with myself, a real perfectionist,” Margulies notes. “But these days, I’m not. I just feel … I just feel that I’ve already won.”