By peoplestaff225
Updated September 01, 2007 02:14 PM

Word World is an incredibly innovative new way to engage children in the wonder of WordPlay. Simply put, Word World is about to transform the world of our children ages 3 to 5.

Backed with strong research funding from the Department of Education, Word World is the first of four kid’s properties about to transform the way our kids learn, infusing them with a lifelong passion for reading. Exhaustive research was conducted prior to and during the d

evelopment of Word World to better understand the way media can most powerfully influence learning across all demographic and ethnographic lines. A national advisory committee comprised of early learning luminaries and leading educators was created to focus on how best to capture children’s imaginations and build key emergent reading skills that will form the backbone of both their education as well as their intellectual curiosity. Armed with this insight, a group of highly talented, award-winning writers and producers have been hard at work to bring Word World’s vision to life.

Just as we as adults continue to engage in word play ourselves, from crossword puzzles to Scrabble, Word World introduces our kids to the inherent playfulness of words. Word World is a special place unlike anywhere else. A core group of seven animated characters — Sheep, Frog, Bear, Dog, Pig, Ant and Cat (WordFriends™) — as well as everything from slides to bridges (WordThings™) are made up from the letters that spell them. Words are the star of the story. And the words become heroes. Embedded in the show’s episodes are "Build a Word" segments where letters, such as C-A-K-E morph into beautifully designed word images (candles, icing and all!) Humor abounds, such as when Frog mistakenly rolls an "S" onto the end of his bed only to dramatically learn about the power of plural words! In these word-building moments, preschoolers acquire key literacy-based skills, from compound words and word families, to rhyming and plurals.

In Word World, words truly come alive. And children will never look at words the same again. Watch a preview here.

We are excited to be able to share this great new show with you, as we look to spread the W-O-R-D about Word World. We would love to send you a DVD with a sneak preview of segments from the production team so you can both share you candid feedback with us. Visit
to get your free copy!