Will Ferrell's son Magnus: doesn't want a baby sibling; speaks Swedish

Will Ferrell was Megan Mullally‘s first guest on her new daytime talk show, The Megan Mullally Show. In true fashion, he made his entrance in just underpants and socks, and later serenaded her with "The Wind Beneath My Wings." Will spoke about his son Magnus‘ language skills and his reaction to his soon-to-be new sibling (Will and his wife Viveca Paulin announced in late July they are expecting their second baby in December).

Will said Magnus, 2 1/2, isn’t very excited about the new baby. "I keep telling him, ‘Magnus, there’s a baby in mama’s belly. And he’s like, ‘No, papa."

He also said Magnus speaks more Swedish than English, because his wife Viveca speaks it to him. To Will’s dismay, Magnus is not very interested in speaking English and has actually told him, in Swedish, "Papa, no more English" when Will attempts to speak to him!

Photo thumbnail courtesy of DailyCeleb.

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