Will Ferrell on his son Magnus' name

Will Ferrell answered questions from People magazine readers. One reader asked how he and wife Viveca Paulin chose the unique name Magnus for his 2 1/2 year old son.

Will’s response: "My wife was born in Sweden and we loved the idea of a Scandinavian name. I’ve gotten a lot of flack: ‘What kind of ego do you have to have to name your child the great one?’ That is not it at all."

According to ThinkBabyNames.com, Magnus, pronounced MAG-ness, is of Latin origin, means great. It’s a royal name in Norway and Denmark as well as a saint’s name. It originated in Scandinavia to Scotland.

Will and Viveca are expecting another baby, another boy at the end of December.

Source: People magazine, November 20th issue. Photo thumbnail courtesy of DailyCeleb.

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