Wife, children of former college football star killed in car wreck

Siran Stacy, a star running back at the University of Alabama and former top draft pick of the Philadelphia Eagles, lost his wife and four of his children to an automobile accident Nov. 19. The only survivors of the crash are Siran and his 3-year-old daughter Shelly; Killed were Siran’s wife Ellen, 36, their daughters Lequisa, 18, Sidney, 8, Ellie, 2 and the couple’s only son, Bronson, 10.

According to police, the van being driven by Siran was stopped for a red light along a four-lane stretch of U.S. Route 84 in Alabama. When the light turned green, they proceeded to cross the intersection when they were struck on the passenger side by a pick-up truck, which was traveling on the wrong side of the road. Investigators have been unable to determine why the pick-up was in the wrong lane, for its driver was also killed on impact.

Funeral services have been held for all of the victims; Siran and Shelly, who were both injured in the crash, have since been released from the hospital. Information on a fund established to assist Siran with the expenses associated with the accident is available here.

Sources: AP, Sports Illustrated

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