By peoplestaff225
September 29, 2008 11:30 AM

fleece adjustable pouch and woven adjustable pouch

Having an active three year old and an infant, I quickly realized that a good sling is a true necessity. When my first was four months old, I purchased a Kangaroo Korner woven adjustable pouch ($62) and used it till she was two.

The great thing about these adjustable pouches is their versatility. I was able to carry the baby in a tummy-to-tummy position, cradle position, "kangaroo" carry (facing out), on my hip, and later, on my back. The pouch has four rows of snaps to adjust and there are 2 rows of overlap on each size, for instance the 2 loosest settings on a size small are equivalent to the 2 tightest settings on a medium (it comes in four sizes). The sling will not fall off, even if all of the snaps open, as it is sewn together.

For my second baby, since she was born in the summer, I decided to purchase Kangaroo Korner's adjustable mesh pouch ($62). Made of a mesh similar to basketball shorts, it is somewhat stretchier than my cotton pouch. I have used it at the pool, which was a huge life saver. I was able to wade around with my now three year old in the baby pool, while the baby was in the sling. After we got splashed, the pouch dried really quickly and never faded, stretched, or shrunk. If the baby was not so young, I would have actually used the pouch to go into the water with her, which they are designed to do.

— Reesa

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