Why I bought my ... Pottery Barn dream rocker

When I was pregnant with our first son, nursery seating was the last thing on my mind. I was naive … I suppose I thought I’d be depositing said baby in his crib each night, not to hear from him again until morning. It never occurred to me that there would be nights — more nights than I’d care to remember — which would be spent walking the halls like a zombie, rocking back and forth, trying to soothe his colicky cries and looking around desperately for a comfortable place to sit.

We didn’t bother to register for a glider, nor did we bother to buy one ourselves. We thought we could ‘make do’ with an old wooden rocking chair we inherited from my own mother. I learned the hard way. The only thing worse than surviving on three or four hours of sleep each night is when those three or four hours are spent not in a bed, but on a rickety, cold, unforgiving rocking chair.

This was of utmost importance in my mind when we learned I was pregnant with our second son. At some point years before, probably at 4 a.m. while I was trying — unsuccessfully — to sleep on the wooden rocking chair, I had made a promise to myself that next time around I wouldn’t subject myself to this torture. That I had logged enough nights in that damned rocking chair, I earned an upgrade with baby #2. A big, big upgrade, as it turns out!

We purchased the Dream Rocker and Ottoman from Pottery Barn in blue linen. It’s pricey, but we’re not the type of people to fill our nurseries with expensive stuff just for the sake of having expensive stuff. In fact, with the exception of the rocker, everything — from the bedding to the baskets — in Sam’s room was handed down from Owen. But I couldn’t do the hand-me-down wooden rocking chair again. I just couldn’t. I saw the dream rocker, I sat in the dream rocker, and I had to have the dream rocker.

The day it arrived I literally cried. Pregnancy hormones, I suppose. What’s even more perverse is that I actually couldn’t wait to be plunged back into the up-all-night routine, so I would finally be able to sleep in my beloved dream rocker. It was so worth the wait. I love the fabric, I love the way the chair seems to snuggle up around me but still keep its form when it’s unoccupied, I love the way it rocks without sounding like it could fall apart at a moments notice, like our old wooden rocker did. Every time I look at it, I smile. I just love it.

Before I had kids, I never could have imagined how important something as seemingly insignificant as a chair would be for my mental health. Then again, before I had kids, I thought a solid night’s sleep was a guarantee in life — not a luxury. Now I know better, on both fronts!

Do you have an item you bought for your baby that was worth every penny? Do tell!

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