Why I bought my ... Not Rational bag

By the time I had my third child, I’d had it with the diaper bag. For over a decade I’d been lugging a bag around that wasn’t about me. It was a diaper bag. A poop sack. A bag who’s very existence was an homage to refuse. A humble reality that seemed hard to transcend.

What kind of bag would I carry if I did not have kids? Or if money were no issue? In my chronically sleep deprived state I wasn’t even sure anymore. And then, almost by accident, I discovered the Not Rational Hansel/Fab Bag ($400).

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It was an instant shock of self recognition, followed by true love– I’m almost embarrassed to admit — love for myself! Because here wasthe "me" bag that perfectly reflected the "me" I’d like to be. The coolsophisticated boho mom, who always looked great but never looked likeshe was trying too hard. She was hip but not trendy. She never gotcaught out without a diaper or without lipstick. Her bag wasn’t sometrendy suburban flavor du jour – it was a high quality well craftedpiece of artistry that may well have been handed down from a cool Eurocousin. It matched with everything from a business suit to a tracksuit. And wherever she went, she wore it well. I got all that in asingle look (and whiff) of Not Rational’s Hansel/Fab Bag. Inthat instant I fell in love with a better organized and better lookingversion of myself carrying the bag, as much as I fell in love with thebag itself.

After this I was a woman obsessed. From ebay to online boutiques, Istalked my prey in a manner befitting the brand name. I became Not Rational.Finally, armed with some birthday money, I did it. I pulled thetrigger. I even, gasp, paid retail! I couldn’t find the color I wantedon sale and I had to have it, now! I’d never spent much over $100 on adiaper bag, but I knew to me, this bag meant so much more. I’dpurchased a bag that was purely for and about me. It’s easy for a momto lose sight of herself when she is constantly so wrapped up with herkids.

I have to say of all the bags I’ve loved, my Not Rational Hansel/Fabis still my favorite. After almost two years, I still grab for itinstinctively and it still makes me feel wonderful. It’s like magic.Even after pulling an all-nighter with a sick child, and wearing myTarget lounge pants (aka pajamas) to Starbucks for an emergency VentiAmericano, this bag can somehow make me feel pulled together. The factthat it works perfectly for me as a diaper bag, well that’s just abonus. If I had it to do all over again, I’d buy without hesitation.I’d just do it sooner. In the end, splurging on this particular bag wasmy best bag investment of all.

As a side note, Tim Gunn recently selected a Not Rational bag for a new mom to carry on his Guide to Style show. I knew I was onto something! Way to go Tim! Maggie Glyllenhal, Heidi Klum, and Christy Turlington are in the Not Rational Fab bag fan club too. They’ve all been spotted out and about with this cool but unpretentious bag.

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