By peoplestaff225
Updated July 28, 2008 06:00 AM

I pretty much always shopped in the big girl’s section when it came to bras, but a 50-pound weight gain in pregnancy took my already large breasts from big to oversized. One of the best things I ever did for myself was visit Town Shop, a wonderful lingerie store on Manhattan’s Upper West Side where the sales women take one look at you and hand you a slew of bras that not only actually fit properly but change your life — and I mean that quite literally.

Those of you who saw the famous Oprah episode already know that 8 out of 10 of us are wearing the wrong bra size. I had been wearing a 38DD but one visit to Town Shop later and I was wearing a 34F. Mysteriously, the back pain I had been complaining of for the past 18 months disappeared almost overnight and coworkers and family members alike began complimenting me on my weight loss (I swear wearing the right bra made me instantly lose ten pounds).

This year I was in the market for a bikini (thank you Weight Watchers!) and, once again, I turned to Town Shop to help me get the girls under control. I wanted something that gave me enough support that I could
actually chase my toddler on the beach without bouncing to the point where I hurt myself. Furthermore, I wanted something that actually covered me (I mean, cleavage is nice but only to a point) but because the rest of my body is actually quite small compared to my boobage, I needed to find separates. Impossible you say? That’s what I thought too…

After trying on about three different bikini tops I tried on an Aerin Rose top and instantly knew it: I would become loyal to this brand for the rest of my life. I bought both the top and the matching bottom and then went home and ordered two more bikinis directly from the label (they have an online shop with a great selection).

It’s no surprise that I fell so hard for the Aerin Rose top in particular. The woman behind the name created the line after coming up empty-handed when searching for a bikini that would enhance her ample bosom much the same way a good bra could. Thus Aerin Rose Swimwear — a line that women from a B to a G cup can not only enjoy but look amazing in — was born.

Because the tops (I only tried on bikini tops but the tankini and one-pieces are built the same way) all have formed cups, bracing and underwire you feel secure in them. Furthermore, the shaping of the "bra" enhances your natural shape, so you really feel amazing. In my case I even feel like the tops shape my breasts so well they actually make them appear smaller (which for me is a pro though I recognize that’s not the case for some; If you find that that’s not the look you’re going for, just try a different style).

Another thing I really appreciate about this line is that the prints are not dowdy or older-looking. I used to find, when shopping for a bathing suit, that more often than not the prints were more fitting with my grandmother’s taste than my own but this is not the case with Aerin Rose Swimwear. I also really, really appreciate that they realize that bikinis MUST be sold as two separate pieces because not everyone who is big on top also has junk in the trunk, and vice versa.

I highly, highly recommend this line to anyone who is looking for a well-made swimsuit but especially to anyone who has trouble finding suits that support and shape them. You can find out more about Aerin Rose Swimwear and buy pieces from the line at