Skip Hop’s Pronto Diaper Changing Kit is one of my favorite baby products. I literally never leave home without it (because with a baby and a toddler, someone’s always going to need a diaper change)! Danielle had introduced me to the Pronto ($30 for the canvas, $38 for the denim version) in 2006 and I fell in love with it, because it freed me from the diaper bag. As a new mom, I tended to pack too much stuff anyway. Consequently, juggling my squirming needs-to-be changed baby and a huge diaper bag, wasn’t fun. It was so much easier to grab the Pronto, take my baby into the restroom or wherever I was changing him, and take care of business. I also felt better using the Pronto on a germ-filled changing table in a restroom.

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Sometimes, with the Pronto, you can also forgo the diaper bag entirely. Before our new baby came along, I would just grab the Prontoand snacks when I took my toddler to the park or shopping. I would tucksome money and my keys in the front pocket. It also works well whenyou are away for the weekend or on a trip. Why risk getting a hotel’sor your mother-in-law’s bedspread yucky while changing your child?

It worked wonderfully on an airplane also — especially when youdon’t really have a big surface to plunk that diaper bag down. Thelaminated changing mat cleans easily with a wipe and the pockets holdmany diapers, ointments, etc. You can actually unzip the changing matfrom the pockets — if you need to really clean it (ie. hose it down).


  • A translucent wipes case
  • A mesh pocket that fits up to four large diapers and ointments
  • A zipper pocket for personal items
  • The head area is cushioned on the changing pad

The only thing I wish is that the Pronto would fit in my diaper bag easier. It takes up a large amount of space. So much so, that I usually put the Prontoin my stroller basket or or attach it to my diaper bag straps orstroller handle. Then again, "stowing" it that way I can find it quickly when I needto change a diaper!

It makes a great gift for a new mom — and it’s at a reasonable pricepoint. They’ll thank you from freeing them from lugging their diaperbag whenever they need to change their babe.

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