A couple of weeks ago we had three quarters of our house repainted. We’d just finished construction/remodeling on two rooms and were getting ready for the arrival of a new baby. So we called our trusty painter pals, who know me well. I’m pretty fickle about color and tend to paint something, at least twice a year.

But this time, we had a special request. Last December my three year old son suffered a sudden, severe, life-threatening asthma attack. It was terrifying and sobering and completely unexplained because he has no known allergies, and there is no history of asthma in either my or my husband’s families. The only variable at the time, was that we were doing construction on the house, and he had just recovered from a cold that had turned into pneumonia the month prior.

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We’ll probably never know what caused the attack, but it was a majorwake-up call and one that made me (and will continue to make me)question each and every product we bring into our home. I’ve alwaysbeen a little cautious but now I am downright vigilant and we haveundergone a household makeover from laundry detergent to toilet cleaner– we’ve gone greener.

Still, the walls had to be painted. And we did not have the luxuryof moving out for a week. So I told the painters that we were onlygoing to use a line of paints that were low-odor and zero VOC (VolatileOrganic Compounds). Our painters prefer Dunn Edwards products and wewere thus introduced to their Eco-Shield line.

Believe it or not, we were the first customers to request thesepaints from our painter, so it was a learning experience for all of us.First of all, we learned the paint was a little more expensive, andsecond of all we learned we needed a little bit more of it, as it didnot cover as thickly. And third of all, it took several hours longer todry.

However, all that aside, it was well worth every extra penny.Because aside from the brief time that it was actually being rolled onthe walls, there was no odor. Even while it was being rolled, the odorwas mild. By evening the odor was entirely gone and we were even ableto sleep in freshly painted rooms. The house did not smell at all! Andwe painted almost the whole house folks! I should also note that wepainted on a cold and rainy day when it was not possible to open thewindows.

We splurged a little on this paint but I am thrilled to report thatit caused my son no respiratory distress and pregnant and sensitiveme, no guilt pangs or migraines. I’ll be buying more Eco Shield paintin the future because one thing that won’t likely change, is my ownneed for change!