Why I bought my... Zolowear Ring Sling

At press time, my newborn daughter is 2 weeks old and is already a babywearing pro. I have been wearing her in my favorite ring sling, my ZoloWear Bubbles Sling ($125). In fact, she is nestled in the sling as I type this. I loved wearing her brother in this ring sling (pictured to the left is my son at 10 months old with me at my aunt Carol’s house in Connecticut). Please note: I am not wearing the sling correctly on my shoulder, it should cup the shoulder, not rest between the shoulder and the neck. It will cause strain that way (but this is the best picture I had of me wearing it!).

I bought this ring sling because I had heard that the ZoloWear slings had a good reputation. ZoloWear makes ring slings and pouches (which I love too, but since baby Allegra is so small right now, the ring sling is a better choice for me) Its well made of cotton stretch sateen, and I love the print – unfortunately it is not sold anymore. Owner Darien’s slings and pouches are available in cotton (and there are organic cotton choices), silk brocade and solarveil (which I also love for its sun protection and quick drying after exposure to water). I also loved that it has a zippered pocket – perfect size for a set of keys or a pacifier. ZoloWear includes an instructional DVD to show you all the ways to wear your child. Right now I am wearing baby Allegra in the tummy to tummy hold with her legs out (the picture shows my son Ben in a classic hip hold).

Why have I been wearing my baby? Well … I have a very active 2 year old, who needs me, plus a 2 week old who loves to be carried and screams when I put her down. When I wear the new baby, I have at least one hand to get things done. You have to use common sense when wearing your baby — though I can prepare cold meals, I put the baby down when I cook or heat things up in the microwave. Then I scoop her back into the sling and sit with my son while he eats. And of course, the closeness of my child makes me happy. ZoloWear’s website does caution to make sure the baby is worn WITHOUT their chin being pressed against his or her chest, restricting airflow. Check to ensure that baby’s airway is unobstructed and baby is breathing regularly at all times, especially when sleeping. This advice should be followed anytime you babywear.

To shop, go to ZoloWear.com.

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