Mere seconds after reading Danielle’s giveaway post about the newly released Cool Names for Babies Revised & Updated book by Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz, my fingers were tearing up the keyboard, ordering up a copy, with express shipping.

It might sound perfectly sane and prudent to make such a purchase, considering that I am in the latter part of my third trimester, still undecided on a name, and could "pop" at any time. Nevertheless it made my entire family groan, roll their eyes and make the twirly fingered cuckoo-head sign at me. Why? Because I already have what can only be referred to as a "collection" of baby name books in my home library that numbers in the thirties. And of course, I have every single baby book written by the dynamic naming duo of Satran & Rosenkrantz. Which to me, means that not ordering their latest guide (and yes, I also got The Baby Name Bible last month) would have been near criminal negligence.

Frankly, I probably would have ordered this book if even if I was no longer pregnant, I just might have skipped the rush shipping. I’ve always been obsessed with names and naming trends and these two writers are my heroes. Over the years their books are the ones that I refer to first and last, the ones that I recommend to friends, that I even toss at my oldest daughter when she needs inspiration for what to call her betta fish, her doll or even the main character in her story about her trip to the mall. Equal parts inspiration and cultural barometer, Satran and Rosenkrantz’s books are always a treat. Which I sorely needed this week. This book could not have been timed better to lift me out of the third trimester doldrums.

Fortunately for me, my copy arrived yesterday, and the baby did not. So I still have time to peruse the pages looking for that perfect, elusive, cool name. I’d like to say it gets easier with each kid but truth is, it actually gets harder. At least for me. I wonder if Pamela and Linda consult!?